Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why I Don't Recommend My Own Audio Book

While I don't have a magnificent voice, sometimes it's easier to listen to a story than to read one. And an audio book is as close as I can get to a movie with a cast of one. So it seemed like a good idea. I had just produced an audio version of Bummer and Lazarus, and it worked out well enough. Amazon (that is, ACX) automatically has it priced at $5.95, free with Audible membership. Such a deal!

Onward to Enemy of the Gods: The Legend of Nicholas. I spent the time and trouble to produce an audio version, not giving much attention to the mysteries of Amazon's automatic pricing. When at last it came out, I was hit with sticker shock: Seventeen dollars! They say they price it based on play time.

True, it's still free with Audible membership, but my goal had been to keep the price barrier low so more people could enjoy it. I sure wouldn't shovel out $17 on it. How could I ask anyone else to?

Then, in writing this post I made a discovery: The price has come down to a more modest $13.08. That's still way too much, but it's shifting in the right direction. So don't buy my audio book... yet. Wait a while. Let Amazon decide that this is not the next New York Times bestseller and let the price settle down to a more reasonable level. Then maybe you might want to give it a listen. In the meantime, you can still read it for 99 cents on Kindle, or for free here on this site.

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